Six Things to Know About Wisdom

So appreciate Dr. McKay Caston’s gift of teaching!

McKay Caston


Before I leave for a meeting in Atlanta, I open my Waze app and type in the address of my destination. I’m not ashamed to say that usually I am in desperate need of navigational assistance when driving in the city and I like Waze because of its real-time ability to re-route around problematic traffic issues.

On one of my trips to the city, Waze told me to exit onto a side road just inside the perimeter. This was miles before my destination and I couldn’t imagine a secondary street being a more efficient route than 400, which at that point was flowing unusually smoothly.

You know what happened.

By rejecting the guidance of Waze, I found myself stuck in a sea of brake lights for nearly an hour.

Wisdom works a lot like that. Wisdom is being willing to turn when you are told to turn by something…

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